Aimee Mann - NPR Music Tiny Desk Concertにて"Rollercoasters"など4曲を披露 映像を公開


Aimee Mann - NPR Music Tiny Desk Concertにて"Rollercoasters"など4曲を披露 映像を公開 thm Music info Clip
Aimee Mann (エイミー・マン)

NPR Music Tiny Desk Concertにて


NPR Music Tiny Desk ConcertにAimee Mannが登場、
新譜「Mental Illness」から"Rollercoasters"など4曲をライブで披露しています。

その映像がYouTube NPR Musicオフィシャルチャンネルにて公開されました。
公開日は 2017/05/15 。

Bob Boilen | May 8, 2017 — "This song is called 'You Never Loved Me' — it's another cheery, optimistic number," says Aimee Mann, introducing the second of four songs in this Tiny Desk Concert. She has been writing songs on the human condition — more often than not with a strong sense of humor to underpin the inevitable melancholy — as far back as the '80s, when she was the singer and bassist in Boston's The Young Snakes. Mann's newest solo record, the first in five years, is baldly called Mental Illness — clearly, there's a deep honesty within these songs. (Also: This is Aimee Mann's Tiny return, so if you're loving this, take a look at her performance with Ted Leo in their duo called The Both.)

Set List
"You Never Loved Me"
"Goose Snow Cone"
"Patient Zero"

Aimee Mann (vocals, guitar); Jonathan Coulton (guitar, vocals); Paul Bryan (bass, vocals); Jamie Edwards (piano, vocals)

Aimee Mann: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Aimee Mannの新譜「Mental Illness」、
SuperEgo Recordsから2017年3月31日発売。

Mental Illness
Aimee Mann - Mental Illness


1. Goose Snow Cone
2. Stuck In The Past
3. You Never Loved Me
4. Rollercoasters
5. Lies Of Summer
6. Patient Zero
7. Good For Me
8. Knock It Off
9. Philly Sinks
10. Simple Fix
11. Poor Judge

Mental IllnessMental Illness

Aimee Mann
SuperEgo Records

発売日:2017/03/31 | amazonで詳細を見る


Aimee Mann
Superego Records

発売日:2012/09/18 | amazonで詳細を見る