Eric Johnson - 新譜「Europe Live」アルバム・ティーザーを公開


Europe LiveEric Johnson (エリック・ジョンソン)

新譜「Europe Live」アルバム・ティーザーを公開

Eric Johnson新譜「Europe Live」」Album Teaserが、
YouTube mascotlabelgroupチャンネルにて公開されました。

公開日は 2014/06/04 。

新譜「Europe Live」」収録各曲が約1分程づつ試聴できます。

Eric Johnson - Europe Live - Album Teaser

Eric Johnson新譜「Europe Live」」、
Mascot/Provogue Recordsから2014年6月23日発売予定。


Eric Johnson - 新譜「Europe Live」アルバム・ティーザーを公開 Music info Clip
Eric Johnson - Europe Live


1. Intro
2. Zenland
3. Austin
4. Forty Mile Town
5. Mr. P.C.
6. Manhattan
7. Zap
8. Song For Life
9. Fatdaddy
10. Last House On The Block
11. Interlude
12. Cliffs Of Dover
13. Evinrude Fever
14. Sun Reprise

Europe Live was recorded in venues across Johnson's tour of the continent, with the majority of the album capturing his appearance at Amsterdam's Melkweg along with selections from two dates in Germany at Die Kantine in Ko"ln and Bochum Zeche and the Paris show at New Morning. Each appearance featured a unique set list, offering Johnson the opportunity to cull this track listing from a wealth of repertoire captured.


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Eric Johnson

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Eric Johnson

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Eric Johnson
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