Nikki Lane - 新譜「All Or Nothin」から"All Or Nothing"のスタジオ・ライブ映像を公開


All Or NothinNikki Lane

新譜「All Or Nothin」から
"All Or Nothing"のスタジオ・ライブ映像を公開

Nikki Lane新譜「All Or Nothin」から"All Or Nothing"のスタジオ・ライブ映像が、
YouTube LiveandBreathingチャンネルにて公開されました。

公開日は 2014/05/20 。

Nikki Lane performs "All Or Nothing" live at the Artist Co-Op in Nashville, Tennessee (2014).

Nikki Lane - All Or Nothing (Live in Nashville)

Nikki Lane新譜「All Or Nothin」New West Recordsから2014年5月6日発売、

Nikki Lane - 新譜「All Or Nothin」から
Nikki Lane - All Or Nothin


1. Right Time
2. Good Man
3. I Don't Care
4. You Can't Talk To Me Like That
5. Seein' Double
6. Love's On Fire
7. All Or Nothin'
8. Sleep With A Stranger
9. Man Up
10. Out Of My Mind
11. Wild One
12. Want My Heart Back

For her hotly anticipated sophomore album Nashville songstress Nikki Lane teamed up with Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys for a record that turns the vulnerable singer-songwriter stereotype on its ears.

With songs that crucify ex-boyfriends, celebrate one-night stands (as long as she can bolt town right after) and proclaim it s always the right time to do the wrong thing, Lane comes across like a modern-era Wanda Jackson, albeit with more oats to sow.

My songs always paint a pretty clear picture of what s been going on in my life, so this is one moody record, she says. There s lots of talk of misbehaving and moving on.


新譜「All Or Nothin」アルバム全曲フル試聴が、
YouTube NewWestRecordsチャンネルにて開始されています。


Nikki Lane - All Or Nothin' [FULL ALBUM STREAM]

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Nikki Lane
New West Records

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All Or Nothin [Analog]All Or Nothin [Analog]

Nikki Lane
New West Records

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