Sarah Jarosz - 米eTownにて"Over The Edge"など5曲をライブで披露 映像を公開


Build Me Up from BonesSarah Jarosz

eTownにて"Over The Edge"など5曲をライブで披露
Sarah JaroszeTown, Boulder, COにて行ったライブから"Over The Edge"など5曲の映像を、
YouTube eTownチャンネルにて公開されました。

公開日は 2014/05/20 。

Sarah Jarosz - "Over The Edge" (eTown webisode #588)

Sarah Jarosz - "Build Me Up From Bones" (eTown webisode #589)

Sarah Jarosz - "Mile On The Moon" (eTown webisode #590)

Sarah Jarosz - "Fuel The Fire" (eTown webisode #591)

Sarah Jarosz / Wild Child / eTones - "There Is A Time" (eTown webisode #595)

Sarah Jaroszの新譜「Build Me Up from Bones」はWelk Recordsより2013年9月24日発売、

Sarah Jarosz - 米eTownにて
Sarah Jarosz - Build Me Up from Bones


1. Over The Edge
2. Fuel The Fire
3. Mile On The Moon
4. Build Me Up From Bones
5. Dark Road
6. Simple Twist Of Fate
7. 1,000 Things
8. Gone Too Soon
9. Anything Else
10. The Book Of Right-On
11. Rearrange The Art

2013 release, the third album from acclaimed 22-year-old singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Sarah Jarosz. Build Me Up From Bones was recorded in the midst of Jarosz's final semester at the prestigious New England Conservatory (where she graduated with honors) and a rigorous touring schedule.

Following her mid-May graduation, she flew straight to Nashville to put the finishing touches on the album. Now set to embark on an exciting new chapter of her life, the songs on Sarah Jarosz's newest release are a compelling portrait of an artist coming into her own.


Build Me Up from BonesBuild Me Up from Bones

Sarah Jarosz
Welk Records

発売日:2013/09/24 | amazonで詳細を見る

Build Me Up from Bones [Analog]Build Me Up from Bones [Analog]

Sarah Jarosz
Welk Records

発売日:2013/10/15 | amazonで詳細を見る

Follow Me DownFollow Me Down

Sarah Jarosz

発売日:2011/08/01 | amazonで詳細を見る