Yvette Young (Covet) - Premier Guitarが機材インタビュー動画「Rig Rundown」22分を公開


Yvette Young (Covet) - Premier Guitarが機材インタビュー動画「Rig Rundown」22分を公開 thm Music info Clip

イヴェット・ヤング (コヴェット)

Premier Guitar「Rig Rundown」にYvette Young (Covet)が登場、使用ギター、アンプ、エフェクトなど本人が紹介してくれます。

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公開日は 2023/06/21 。

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Since last seeing the guitar-playing musical illustrator Yvette Young in 2019, she’s been challenged and proved courageous.

“I went from a situation where I was afraid of one of my bandmates, and did what I needed to do to free myself from what I felt to be an emotionally, and thus creatively draining, situation,” revealed Young to PG earlier this year, who parted ways with Covet’s members during the recording sessions for the new album, Catharsis, and had the bass parts re-done by noted touring and session bassist Jon Button.

Through the writing and recording process she found personal purification. “I feel like, on Catharsis, some of the songs are a bit darker and it was definitely me having an outlet for some stuff that was painful, but a lot of it is uplifting and very happy and dance-y,” Young said. “Because music is transformative, and if you’re ever feeling in a bad mood, if you write music that sounds really happy, it can uplift you. Writing music that sounds like how you wish you felt can be really helpful sometimes.”

And while processing her feelings through the guitar, she became reinvigorated with the instrument and rediscovered its inherent joy.

“I really have to be my own fortress and I have to really stay in tune with what excites me,” admitted Young. “The direction I go in becomes really clear when I focus on what gives me goosebumps when I’m playing, what makes me jump up and down ’cause I’m so excited about it.”

Her charismatic, vivid guitar stories excite us, so let’s get the scoop on her everchanging tools and palette.

Weeks after releasing Catharsis, Yvette Young and her Covet bandmates headlined Nashville’s Brooklyn Bowl. She invited PG’s Chris Kies onstage for a conversation covering her Ibanez YY10 signature models (and their potential upcoming changes), explaining her dream pedal, and detailing the key changes (and alternative tones they produce) on her stomp station since the last Rundown.

Rig Rundown: Yvette Young [2023]

Covet 新譜アルバム「Catharsis」日本盤、Pヴァイン・レコードから2023年4月21日発売



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