Ed Sheeran - 「Rolling Stone On Deck」"Boat"など3曲のギター弾き語り映像を公開 新譜アルバム「Subtract」2023年5月5日発売


Ed Sheeran - 「Rolling Stone On Deck」"Boat"など3曲のギター弾き語り映像を公開 新譜アルバム「Subtract」2023年5月5日発売 thm Music info Clip


Rolling Stone「Rolling Stone On Deck」に Ed Sheeran が登場、新譜アルバム「Subtract」から"Boat"など3曲をギター弾き語りにて披露しています。

その映像が、YouTube Rolling Stone オフィシャル チャンネルにて公開されました。

公開日は 2023/05/15 。

Sheeran pulls out his signature acoustic guitar to sing "Boat," "Eyes Closed," and "Life Goes On" from his newest album.

There's nothing like Ed Sheeran's vocals and a guitar. On Tuesday, Rolling Stone premiered a special episode of On Deck, featuring a performance from the magazine's recent cover story, performing three songs from his new album Subtract from Moonfire Ranch in Malibu.

The video sees Sheeran — dressed in a leather jacket and a white shirt — performing "Boat" on guitar with his eyes closed. The original recording featured Aaron Dessner, who produced Sheeran's album, playing piano.

Then, Sheeran plays "Life Goes On," the touching song about his friend Jamal Edwards, who died in February 2022 of cardiac arrhythmia brought on by cocaine use. “My best friend died,” he told Rolling Stone about his friend during a recent cover story. “And he shouldn’t have done... I’ve always had real lows in my life. But it wasn’t really till last year that I actually addressed it.”

Watch Ed Sheeran Perform a Trio of 'Subtract' Songs for Rolling Stone On Deck

Ed Sheeran 新譜アルバム「Subtract」Atlanticから2023年5月5日発売、アナログ盤もリリースされています。

Ed Sheeran - - (Subtract)


1. Boat
2. Salt Water
3. Eyes Closed
4. Life Goes On
5. Dusty
6. End Of Youth
7. Colourblind
8. Curtains
9. Borderline
10. Spark
11. Vega
12. Sycamore
13. No Strings
14. The Hills of Aberfeldy


Ed Sheeran '-' (Subtract)

Ed Sheeran - Subtract (Album Trailer)