Ed Sheeran - "Curtains"ライブ映像を公開 (Apple Music Live 2023) 新譜アルバム「Subtract」2023年5月5日発売


Ed Sheeran - "Curtains"ライブ映像を公開 (Apple Music Live 2023) 新譜アルバム「Subtract」2023年5月5日発売 thm Music info Clip


Ed Sheeran 「Apple Music Live 2023」から新譜アルバム「Subtract」収録曲"Curtains"ライブ映像が、YouTube Apple Music オフィシャル チャンネルにて公開されました。

公開日は 2023/05/12 。

As part of #AppleMusicLive, Ed Sheeran performs "Curtains" from his fifth studio album, 'Subtract'.

Watch the full performance and listen to Ed Sheeran on Apple Music: https://apple.co/EdSheeranAMLYT

No matter how much time and effort an artist may spend crafting music in the studio, it's on the stage where they really get to show their work. Apple Music Live is a new recurring series designed to do just that: give the biggest stars in music the biggest possible platform to flaunt how they connect with audiences and how their songs translate to live performance.

Ed Sheeran - Curtains (Apple Music Live 2023)

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Ed Sheeran 新譜アルバム「Subtract」Atlanticから2023年5月5日発売、アナログ盤もリリースされています。

Ed Sheeran - - (Subtract)


1. Boat
2. Salt Water
3. Eyes Closed
4. Life Goes On
5. Dusty
6. End Of Youth
7. Colourblind
8. Curtains
9. Borderline
10. Spark
11. Vega
12. Sycamore
13. No Strings
14. The Hills of Aberfeldy


Ed Sheeran '-' (Subtract)

Ed Sheeran - Subtract (Album Trailer)