Madison Cunningham - 「Mahogany Session」"All I've Ever Known"弾き語り映像を公開


Madison Cunningham - 「Mahogany Session」"All I've Ever Known"弾き語り映像を公開 thm Music info Clip


MahoganyMahogany Session」に Madison Cunningham が登場。

新譜アルバム「Revealer」収録曲"All I've Ever Known"弾き語り映像が、YouTube Mahogany チャンネルにて公開されました。

公開日は 2023/05/11 。

We love Madison Cunningham 😊 and this tiny hidden chapel ⛪️ in Central London was the perfect setting for this. Madison was in London for a short trip to perform at the Barbican, and the following morning we all got together. Madison won the Grammy for the Best Folk Album this year and it's so well deserved ✨

Madison Cunningham - All I've Ever Known | Mahogany Session

Madison Cunningham 新譜アルバム「Revealer」Verveから2022年9月9日発売、アナログ盤もリリースされています。

Madison Cunningham - Revealer


1. All I’ve Ever Known
2. Hospital
3. Anywhere
4. Sunshine Over The Counter
5. Life According To Raechel
6. Who Are You Now
7. In From Japan
8. Collider Particles
9. Your Hate Could Power A Train
10. Our Rebellion
11. Sara And The Silent Crowd

Madison Cunningham - Life According To Raechel (Live At Sonic Ranch Big Blue)

Madison Cunningham - Hospital (Live Performance)

Madison Cunningham - Hospital (Official Video)

Madison Cunningham - Anywhere


Madison Cunningham(アーティスト)