Kandace Springs - 未発表曲"Run Your Race"など3曲のピアノ弾き語り映像を公開 (KNKX Studio Session)


Kandace Springs - 未発表曲"Run Your Race"など3曲のピアノ弾き語り映像を公開 (KNKX Studio Session) thm Music info Clip


KNKX public radio「KNKX Studio Session」にKandace Springsが登場、

未発表曲"Run Your Race"など3曲のピアノ弾き語り映像が、YouTube KNKX Public Radio チャンネルにて公開されました。

公開日は 2023/02/23 。

Recording artist, singer, songwriter and pianist Kandace Springs came by our KNKX studios in downtown Seattle bringing with her a sprightly spirit and immense talent.

Her playing is on par with that of a classical pianist and it was a true joy to watch her fingers bounding up and down confidently on our studio piano.

Her original tune "Run Your Race" was penned in honor of her recently deceased father "Scat" Springs and will be featured on a yet-to-be-released album. It’s a tear-inducing shout-out to the man who was her life’s greatest musical influence. This studio session performance was the first time the song's been recorded.

She has a lovely command of a soulful and sweet voice that she generously washes with a lush and broad richness. That texture calls to mind Ella Fitzgerald whom she credits as a top singing influence. Her advice to singers: sing from your heart.

Springs delighted us by signing her name along with an artistically drawn classic car. (Springs is also an accomplished visual artist and car hobbyist.) Her boundless energy can also be explained by her gift for athletics which she shared with her late track-star father. She plays soccer and basketball most days of any given week.

Springs was in town performing six shows at Jazz Alley with a crackerjack rhythm section including Caylen Bryant on bass and background vocals and Camille Gainer on drums and background vocals. The trio is planning to record Springs' fifth album later this year.

Kandace Springs piano & vocals

0:00 Someone to Watch Over Me
3:34 Run Your Race
8:52 Wild Is the Wind

Brian Moynihan

Parker Miles Blohm

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Kandace Springs | KNKX Studio Session

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