Takuya Kuroda (黒田卓也) - "Midnight Crisp"MVを公開 新譜アルバム「Midnight Crisp」2022年10月21日発売予定


Takuya Kuroda (黒田卓也) - "Midnight Crisp"MVを公開 新譜アルバム「Midnight Crisp」2022年10月21日発売予定 thm Music info Clip

Takuya Kuroda (黒田卓也)

Takuya Kuroda (黒田卓也) 新譜アルバム「Midnight Crisp」First Word Recordsから2022年10月21日発売予定、アナログ盤もリリースされる予定です。

新譜「Midnight Crisp」からの先行配信、タイトル曲"Midnight Crisp"Music Videoが、YouTube Takuya Kuroda 公式アーティスト チャンネルにて公開されました。

公開日は 2022/08/10 。

'Midnight Crisp' is taken from the forthcoming album of the same name.

Written By Takuya Kuroda

Takuya Kuroda : Trumpet
Corey King: Trombone
Craig Hill : Tenor Sax
Takahiro Izumikawa : Keys
Rashaan Carter : Bass
Adam Jackson : Drums
Keita Ogawa : Percussion

Produced by Takuya Kuroda
Recorded & Mixed by Todd Carder at Bunker Studio in Brooklyn NY
Mastered By Alex DeTurk at Bunker Studio in Brooklyn NY

Filmed by Takuya Kuroda, Shigetaka Ikemoto, Martha Kato & Tk Head Quarters
Edited by Bobby Bignell

Takuya Kuroda is a highly respected trumpeter and arranger born in Kobe, Japan and based in New York City. 'Midnight Crisp' is Takuya's seventh studio album, entirely self-produced and following 2020's highly acclaimed 'Fly Moon Die Soon', also released on UK label First Word (winner of the Worldwide Award's Label of the Year in 2019). Consisting of six new tracks, this once again sees Takuya displaying his unique hybrid sound, blending soulful jazz, funk, post-bop, fusion and hip hop.

'Midnight Crisp' LP is released on vinyl & digital worldwide via First Word Records on 21st October 2022.

Takuya Kuroda - Midnight Crisp

Takuya Kuroda - Midnight Crisp


1. Midnight Crisp
2. Time Coil
3. It's Okay
4. Dead End Dance
5. Old Picture
6. Choy Soda