Jose James - "Come To My Door"のLive MVを公開 ライブアルバム 新譜「Jose James: New York 2020 (Live)」2021年2月19日発売予定


Jose James - "Come To My Door"のLive MVを公開 ライブアルバム 新譜「Jose James: New York 2020 (Live)」2021年2月19日発売予定 thm Music info Clip

Jose James 自身初のライブアルバムとなる新譜Jose James: New York 2020 (Live)」、Rainbow Blonde Recordsから2021年2月19日発売予定。

新譜Jose James: New York 2020 (Live)」から"Come To My Door (Live at Levon Helm Studios)"のOfficial Videoが、YouTube josejamesworldwide 公式アーティスト チャンネルにて公開されました。

公開日は 2021/01/07 。

Jose James: New York 2020 (Live):
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"Jose James: New York 2020" (Live) is the first highly anticipated live album from an artist with a decade long career built on his electric live show. Despite an entire year without shows, James found a way to create & connect with audiences during the peak of Coronavirus NY lockdown. Jose James is known for assembling some of the best live bands in the world, & his "New York 2020" crew is no exception. Each song resonates with the creative urgency of an effervescent, resilient 2020 New York City.

Jose James - vocals
Taali - vocals
Big Yuki - piano, Fender Rhodes, Hammond B-3, synth
Marcus Machado - guitar
Ben Williams - bass, vocals
Jharis Yokely - drums

Produced by Framework Productions
Director: Steven Pierce
Producer: James Allerdyce
Line Producer: Matt Mundy
Camera: James Allerdyce, Igor Kropotov, Andrew Trost, Chris Willmore
Assistant Camera: Toby Sprague
Editor: Steven Pierce

Jose James - Come To My Door (Live at Levon Helm Studios) (Official Video)

Jose James - Jose James: New York 2020 (Live)



1. Blackmagic
2. Turn Me Up
3. Come To My Door
4. I Found a Love feat. Taali
5. Saint James
6. Do You Feel
7. Trouble
8. Park Bench People

1. Save Your Love For Me
2. Blackmagic
3. Promise in Love
4. Made For Love
5. I Need Your Love
6. Park Bench People
7. Baby Don’t Cry feat. J. Hoard

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