Brad Mehldau - "L.A. Pastorale"の試聴音源を公開 新譜「I Still Play 」2020年5月22日発売予定 Brad Mehldau, Timo Andres, Jeremy Denk, Randy Newmanによるソロピアノアルバム


Brad Mehldau - "L.A. Pastorale"の試聴音源を公開 新譜「I Still Play 」2020年5月22日発売予定 Brad Mehldau, Timo Andres, Jeremy Denk, Randy Newmanによるソロピアノアルバム thm Music info Clip


"42 Years (Pat Metheny)"、"For Bob (Steve Reich)"などや演奏者自身の楽曲を、Brad Mehldau, Timo Andres, Jeremy Denk, Randy Newmanがソロピアノで録音した、新譜「I Still Play」Nonesuch Recordsから2020年5月22日発売予定。

Brad Mehldau "L.A. Pastorale"の試聴音源が、YouTube Nonesuch Records チャンネルにてプレミア公開されました。

公開日は 2020/05/14 。

Brad Mehldau performs his piece "L.A. Pastorale," from the album 'I Still Play,' due May 22, 2020, on Nonesuch:

'I Still Play' is eleven new solo piano compositions by artists who have recorded for Nonesuch Records, written in honor of the label’s longtime President Bob Hurwitz on the occasion of his 2017 shift into the Chairman Emeritus role. The album features works by John Adams, Laurie Anderson, Timo Andres, Louis Andriessen, Donnacha Dennehy, Philip Glass, Nico Muhly, Brad Mehldau, Steve Reich, Pat Metheny, and Randy Newman, performed by Andres, Mehldau, Newman, and Jeremy Denk.

Mehldau writes:

pastoral: having the simplicity, charm, serenity, or other characteristics generally attributed to rural areas.

How would that sentiment apply to Los Angeles, a metropolis of concrete, cars and freeways? Although I think of Bob as a New Yorker?he is part and parcel of my New York City experience in all the time I’ve known him?Los Angeles is his city of origin. It’s a place I know as well, having lived there for five years. A few years ago, Bob showed me a collection of photographs he made in L.A. that speak of something particular to that city: Amidst the urban facades, the brash advertisements that promise impossible salvation, and the ceaseless flow of humans, there is a quiet flow, and there are pockets of beauty if you take the time to look. It’s the L.A. pastorale.

Brad Mehldau - L.A. Pastorale

Timo Andres Performs Philip Glass's Evening Song No. 2

Timo Andres + Jeremy Denk + Brad Mehldau + Randy Newman - I Still Play


1. Move - performed by Timo Andres (Nico Muhly)
2. Wise Words - performed by Timo Andres (Timo Andres)
3. Rimsky or La Monte Young - performed by Timo Andres (Louis Andriessen)
4. I Still Play (Pocket Variations) - performed by Jeremy Denk (John Adams)
5. Evening Song No. 2 - performed by Timo Andres (Philip Glass)
6. Song for Bob - performed by Timo Andres (Laurie Anderson)
7. L.A. Pastorale - performed by Brad Mehldau (Brad Mehldau)
8. For Bob - performed by Timo Andres (Steve Reich)
9. 42 Years - performed by Brad Mehldau (Pat Metheny)
10. Her Wits (About Him) - performed by Timo Andres (Donnacha Dennehy)
11. Recessional - performed by Randy Newman (Randy Newman)