Albert Lee - Premier Guitarが機材インタビュー動画23分を公開


Albert Lee - Premier Guitarが機材インタビュー動画23分を公開 thm Music info Clip


Premier Guitar「Rig Rundown」にAlbert Leeが登場、Ernie Ball Music Manから発売されているシグネチャーギターなどの話をしてくれます。

YouTube Premier Guitar オフィシャル チャンネルにて公開されました。

公開日は 2020/02/04 。

Albert Lee is a contradiction. He’s a British guitar hero who has probably done more to influence American guitar styles than nearly anyone. While Lee is a stone-cold country picker, he’s spent quite a bit of time in mainstream rock circles including a stint in Clapton’s band. And Lee made his name through using an old Tele, his Ernie Ball Music Man signature model has been his go-to for decades. Before his show at Nashville’s City Winery with Laurence Juber, John Bohlinger sat down with the legend himself.

Rig Rundown - Albert Lee

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Albert Lee

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