Paul Gilbert - シグネチャー・ペダル「JHS Pedals PG-14」紹介&デモ演奏映像を公開 #NAMM2020


Paul Gilbert - シグネチャー・ペダル「JHS Pedals PG-14」紹介&デモ演奏映像を公開 #NAMM2020 thm Music info Clip


JHS Pedalsから発売されるPaul Gilbertのシグネチャー・ペダル「JHS Pedals PG-14」。

Paul Gilbertによる「JHS Pedals PG-14」紹介&デモ演奏映像が、YouTube Reverb オフィシャル チャンネルにて公開されました。

公開日は 2020/01/19 。

Andy caught up with his friend (and guitar virtuoso) Paul Gilbert at the JHS booth at the 2020 NAMM convention. He was showing off his brand new JHS signature pedal, the PG-14. What Paul describes as four overdrives in one, the PG-14 goes from a subtle boost pedal to an almost gated fuzz sound. Paul goes through his favorite settings and rips a few tasty licks for the NAMM floor.

Paul Gilbert Demos His JHS Signature PG-14 Pedal at Winter NAMM 2020