Yngwie Malmsteen - 全曲フル試聴開始 新譜アルバム「Blue Lightning」2019年3月29日発売


Yngwie Malmsteen - 全曲フル試聴開始 新譜アルバム「Blue Lightning」2019年3月29日発売 thm Music info Clip


Yngwie Malmsteen新譜「Blue Lightning」MASCOT RECORDSから2019年3月29日発売、アナログ盤もリリースされています。

"Foxey Lady""Purple Haze"(Jimi Hendrix)、"While My Guitar Gently Weeps"(The Beatles)、Smoke On The Water (Deep Purple)などのカバーとオリジナル曲を収めた作品。

デラックスCD及びアナログ盤にはボーナストラックとして、"Little Miss Lover" (Jimi Hendrix Experience)、"Jumping Jack Flash"(The Rolling Stones)を収録。

新譜「Blue Lightning」全曲フル試聴YouTube Mascot Label Group オフィシャル チャンネルにて開始されました。

公開日は 2019/04/03 。

アナログ盤、Deluxe CD収録ボーナストラック除く

Yngwie Malmsteen - Blue Lightning (FULL ALBUM STREAM)

Yngwie Malmsteen - Blue Lightning (Album Trailer)

ブルー・ライトニング(BLUE LIGHTNING)
Yngwie Malmsteen - Blue Lightning


1. Blue Lightning
2. Foxey Lady
3. Demon’s Eye
4. 1911 Strut
5. Blue Jean Blues
6. Purple Haze
7. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
8. Sun’s Up Top’s Down
9. Peace, Please
10. Paint It Black
11. Smoke On The Water
12. Forever Man
13. Little Miss Lover (vinyl and Deluxe CD Bonus Track)
14. Jumping Jack Flash (vinyl and Deluxe CD Bonus Track)

Only a few guitarists are known with only their first name. Yngwie is one of them.

With 'Blue Lightning', Yngwie Malmsteen highlights not only his enduring dexterity and diversity, but also pays homage to those from the blues and rock worlds who have fuelled his artistic spirit for so long.
Anyone who is expecting Malmsteen to copy exactly the way the original versions sound is in for a shock. Because that is not what he has done. He has masterfully transformed classics like Smoke On The Water, Purple Haze and While My Guitar Gently Weeps into his own inimitable style, and wrote and recorded 4 new tracks for this album.

The vinyl and Deluxe CD have 2 bonus tracks: Jimi Hendrix' Little Miss Lover, and the Rolling Stones' Jumpin' Jack Flash.




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