KT Tunstall - Premier Guitarが機材インタビュー動画60分を公開 ループ・ペダルを使用した奏法解説あり


KT Tunstall - Premier Guitarが機材インタビュー動画60分を公開 ループ・ペダルを使用した奏法解説あり thm Music info Clip


Premier Guitar「Rig Rundown」にKT Tunstallが登場、KT Tunstall自身がギター、エフェクトなど使用機材を説明してくれます。


YouTube Premier Guitarチャンネルから、公開日は 2018/12/18 。

KT Tunstall is a fearless musician. Each night she builds complex loops that could spin out of control at any second. A great guitarist, percussionist, singer and writer, Tunstall won a BRIT Award for Best Female Artist and the European Border Breaker Award. While on the tail end of her 2018 tour, Tunstall was kind enough to take PG’s John Bohlinger through her rig and reveal the mystery of her live loops.

For over a decade, Tunstall has logged a lot of hard miles on her beloved Gibson Elvis Dove featuring a rare black finish and star fret markers. This Dove, and its counterpart, are loaded with an L.R. Baggs Element Active pickup system and are strung with D’Addario Phosphor Bronze EJ17 .013-.056 strings. Tunstall plays with Dunlop Nylon .73 mm and Tortex .60 mm picks.

For an electric edge, Tunstall goes with this new Supro Poppy Red Belmont Vibrato that has the whammy bar removed. Her electric guitars are strung with D’Addario NYXL (.011–.049).

Rig Rundown - KT Tunstall

KT Tunstallの新譜「WAX」Jaydoneから2018年10月5日発売、アナログ盤もリリースされています。

KT Tunstall - WAX


1. Little Red Thread
2. Human Being
3. The River
4. The Mountain
5. The Healer (Redux)
6. Dark Side of Me
7. Poison in Your Cup
8. Backlash & Vinegar
9. In This Body
10. The Night That Bowie Died
11. Tiny Love


KT Tunstall

発売日:2018/10/05 | amazonで詳細を見る

Wax [Analog]Wax [Analog]

Kt Tunstall
Rostrum Records

発売日:2018/10/05 | amazonで詳細を見る

The River (Acoustic)The River (Acoustic)

Rostrum Records

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