Martin Miller and Tom Quayle - 「2018楽器フェア」Ibanez Boothにて行われたデモ演奏映像約28分を公開


Martin Miller and Tom Quayle - 「2018楽器フェア」Ibanez Boothにて行われたデモ演奏映像約28分を公開 thm Music info Clip

Martin Miller and Tom Quayle


Ibanez Boothにて行われたMartin Miller and Tom Quayleのデモ演奏映像約28分が、YouTube Jason McNamara チャンネルにて公開されました。

公開日は 2018/10/26 。

Filmed & Edited by Jason McNamara

***Time markers below*** Tom Quayle and Martin Miller are amazing shredders who play with the taste of an exquisite meal. Here they are at the Ibanez Booth at the 2018 Gakki Fair, Japan's bi-annual version of NAMM. The audio is from mics & not perfect, but seeing these guys play is a treat. This video also has the guys meeting one of their heroes, Allen Hinds for their very first time. Allen was at the show with Xotic Guitars from California.

0:00 introduction
1:28 1st song - Tom Quayle's version of Spain originally by Chic Corea.
6:22 about Tom's guitar and his involvement with Ibanez.
6:38 2nd song - An End In Itself by Martin Miller
12:28 Tom & Martin meet their fans after the performance.
13:32 3rd song - Travels by Pat Metheny
19:04 Martin talks about life on the road with Tom.
21:40 4th song - Blue In Green by Miles Davis
28:02 end credits

Martin Miller and Tom Quayle 2018 Gakki Fair in Tokyo

こちらはJason McNamaraさんが先日公開されたAllen Hinds(アレン・ハインズ)の映像。

Allen Hinds, Xotic Guitars booth at the 2018 Gakki Fair